Slots in Vegas

Slot Vegas brings you information and my personal experiences about slots in Las Vegas and similar slot games that are available online. Las Vegas has been the undisputed capital of gambling of the World for decades and it is only recently that its gaming turnover been eclipsed by Macau in the far east. Macau isn’t really a popular destination for westerners as yet, so Vegas still rules as far as most Anglo-American and European gamblers are concerned and even the Japanese are still hooked by the lure of the strip.

Vegas at Night
Quite possibly the most photographed view of the strip from the MGM and NY NY bridge.

Online gambling is somewhat a newer experience, but has very quickly mushroomed into a multi-billion industry. It would be a much larger industry if it wasn’t illegal in many major countries. The USA being the biggest absent market and many other countries where online gambling is restricted by local licensing obstacles. The UK however remains the most open and free online gambling market in the world. This is mostly due to the proliferation of long established bookmakers operating in a country where the notion of having a flutter on the horses is no big deal and indeed quite traditional for generations of Brits. Many of these bookmakers have online subsidiaries based in Gibraltar with many more new companies offering gaming experiences online from this gambling friendly jurisdiction.

Slot Vegas compares slot machines on the strip and the online games offered from jurisdictions such as Gibraltar. It is worth pointing out that the payback experienced by slot gamers in Vegas is not as good as online slot gaming. You can generally expect a 90% payback on every spin on the strip. Some Vegas casinos claim a payback which exceed this, mostly those just off the strip or dotted elsewhere within Nevada. For example The Palms casino just off the strip behind Caesars claim 94%, whilst Bellagio is more like 88%. Most online casinos claim that their online games average out at more than 95% which implies good value.

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas or any other casino, then you would do well to signup and read my tips. I do not claim to have a winning formula, anyone claiming guaranteed profits from gambling will be telling you lies. I have over 20 years experience of slot machines and have visited Las Vegas dozens of times and i have found a few ways to avoid becoming a victim of major slot losses. The methods i have used have allowed me to break even or at least close to break even whilst still giving me the opportunity for the once in a blue-moon jackpot. Signup and i’ll share my methods and you will learn to avoid the big mistakes that nearly everyone makes whilst slot gaming.

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