Lil Lady

Lil Lady is one of the slots that is easily missed. It is not a big flashy unit with loud noises, they are well hidden amongst the banks of older machines. The Lil Lady slot is quite good though, we have played it a number of times and have had reasonable wins on it. There is really only one way to win big and that is to get at least a full line of ladybirds across the screen. The Ladybirds are in stacked columns, so it is very possible to get your screen covered in ladybirds on occasions.
This is a photo of Lil Lady in my favourite casino The Cosmopolitan.
Lil Lady Slot Machine

The bonus feature is pretty standard, get 3 bonuses and get 5 free spins, which isn’t always great. However recently in the Excalibur casino we got a free spin bonus and the first spin gave us 19 ladybirds out of a possible 20 to win $98 from a 40c spin. We got another $2 from the remaining 4 free spins. Here is the photo we took after the bonus feature finished.
Lil Lady Slot

Lil Lady can be quite aggressive and you can go quite a few spins and get nothing back, so obviously jumping on the right machine at the right time helps enormously.

Very recently Lil Lady 2 has appeared and it is at least as aggressive than the original Lil Lady slot machine.
Here is a photo we took in Monte Carlo of Lil Lady 2. It is a snazzier looking unit than the original with a brighter and clearer screen and entitled Wild Wedding. I didn’t get the feature so i don’t know how the Wild Wedding works.
Lil Lady 2 Slot

We found another new version called 100 Ladies and from our experience of it is almost identical to the original Lil Lady slot although it is modernized and the Ladybird wilds are multiple ladybird symbols rather than the 1 ladybird. We only found 1 of these slots in Planet Hollywood casino.
100 ladies

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