The Playboy slots are popular and numerous all over Vegas. There are at least 4 Playboy slots.
Playboy Hotzone is both thrilling and frustrating, during play hotzones drop from above and pass through the reels as they stop spinning. The size and drop rate of wild hot zones varies, giving the expectation of a major win on most spins. It is amazing how many times the drop zones fall short or just zoom by. On occasions the hotzones do stick on the reels as they stop and you can end up with large portions of your screen covered in wilds. On very rare occasions your whole screen can be entirely covered in a block of hotzone resulting in the big payout.
Playboy Hotzone
I haven’t actually seen the full hotzone block land on the reels, seen it go by plenty of times. One guy who sat next to me said he had been playing a few nights earlier and the machine was doing it’s usual nothing when he got the full hotzone. He returned to the same machine to repeat the same feat, however all i saw him do was feed the slot with stacks of twenties.

Playboy Platinum is almost all about getting the free games bonus feature. Get 3 Free Games icons on 3 different reels and then you get the choice to pick the number of free games to win. It can be a damp squib and only hand out 7 free games but conversely it can be ridiculously good. I played this slot in a native Indian owned casino in Immokalee, South West Florida. I was only playing 30c a spin and got 25 free games + a bonus 5 free games. During these free games i also acquired a further 20 free games by getting the 3 free games twice more. So finished up winning $170 from 50 free games.
Playboy Platinum
If you play max bets then the Quick Hits can be a very nice additional prize, once again in Immokalee a scruffy looking chap took out the 9 Quick Hits next to us and almost burst into tears when he realised he had the jackpot. We felt pretty pleased for him, he looked like he needed the cash.

Playboy Playmate Party is very similar to Platinum in many respects, the machine is nearly all about the free games bonus feature, getting 3 Playmate symbols on 3 reels.
Playboy Playmate Party
Once again for max betters there is also the Playboy feature instead of Quickhits to hand out very large wins especially if you get all 9. I have never seen it done though.

Playboy Muy Caliente, meaning Playboy Very Hot is just a prettier version of Platinum, get 3 Playboy symbols on 3 reels to win 8 free games. For max betters there is the 9 Quickhit feature you see on Platinum.
Playboy Muy Caliente
We got the free games feature on our 2nd spin in MGM Grand as seen below.
Playboy Muy Caliente Free Games
The Playboy Muy Caliente free games allows you to collect playboy symbols and each symbol reveals half a Playboy girl. Get 2 matching playboy symbols and the full girl is revealed and she turns a full column into a wild during the feature.

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