Monopoly slots are very common indeed, they tend to appear in banks of 2 or 4 and difficult to miss because they are very big units. They are very bright and on occasions very entertaining. There are probably more variations of Monopoly than any other themed slot. Here is the most common Monopoly slot machine, photo taken in Bellagio casino.
Monopoly Slot
The presentation of this Monopoly Slot is quite delightful and it isn’t a fast spin and nothing happens machine. This version of Monopoly is similar in design to many other titles, such as casino favourite Gems. The reels on the left spin and then any wilds and Boardwalk bonus feature symbols are transferred across to the remaining 3 mini reel screens as they spin. In essence you have 4 reels running on 1 spin. The Boardwalk bonus feature is quite rare to see on the minimum 50c bet, in fact i think we only got on the Boardwalk a couple of times and involves rolling virtual dice to go around a monopoly board to acquire prizes. This Monopoly slot has a few hidden features in addition, my favourite one is where the banker appears above the main reel screen and starts throwing multiples out of his hat that stick to 3 or 4 reels. This banker feature is triggered at random and occasionally coincides with stacked wilds appearing across all 4 reel screens resulting in very handsome payouts.

The Super Monopoly Money Slot isn’t quite so entertaining, but here is a photo we took of one we tried in New York New York.
Monopoly Money
The main feature seems to be getting a win and then you are transferred above to multiply that win on the spinning wheel. In our case the win was 5c multiplied by 25, so hardly life-changing, although i am sure if you play it enough times you can acquire some much bigger wins.

Monopoly Prime Reel Estate is a new design of slot with 2 long connected screens. Here is a photo of one played in Ballys Casino.
Monopoly Prime Reel Estate
This slot appears to have 2 main features to chase, get 3 or more gold Monopoly coins to play the board. Get 3 bonuses to get 8 free games and then each winning spin allows you to catapult your reels up both screens to add a multiplier to each win. You can acquire more free games within this feature too.

Monopoly Legends Slot is a little different from all the others. The reels are really basic, if you get the first column with a symbol that matches the last column the center column fills entirely with wilds. This can give you decent wins on its own. To get the bonus you need 2 Green Monopoly symbols and this gets you onto the boardwalk and then onto the spinning wheel where there are a myriad of different bonus features.
Monopoly Legends Slot
After spinning the bonus wheel this is the screen we got on the Monopoly Legends bonus pick. we picked a few prizes till we picked Jail and a guy wearing a convict outfit appeared and said the bonus pick was over.
Monopoly Legends Bonus Pick

Here is yet another Monopoly hybrid, Monopoly Planet. I only saw these in Mandalay Bay casino, i do vaguely remember playing it a year ago, but didn’t get time to play it on my latest Vegas trip. Monpoly Planet does seem pretty standard in it’s playing format.
Monopoly Planet
Get 3 Bonus symbols for the Planet Go Bonus which could be a Planet Boardwalk bonus, Planet Marvin Gardens Bonus, Planet New York Galaxy bonus or a Planet Baltic Galaxy Bonus. The Planet Boardwalk Bonus is the one to get as it has bigger payouts than the rest.

This is the last Monopoly slot that I will mention, Monopoly Jackpot Station.
Monopoly Jackpot Station
I only found this slot situated on the west wall of the Tropicana casino. It is a slightly old-fashioned type of slot and the reels looked a bit faded and worn out, so maybe this version won’t be around for much longer. This is the reel screen.
The slot makes a very attractive Choo Choo sound, when a bonus symbol appears on a reel. You need 3 of them to get the feature, but as much as it tried and believe me i wasted plenty trying to get the feature i never saw it once. There is also a community chest feature triggered by 3 or more brown cards, but I never saw any of these features when others were playing it either, so Monopoly Jackpot Station remains a bit of mystery machine.