Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is probably the most widespread and familiar slot machine in Las Vegas. They are literally everywhere and have been for years. There are varieties of the same theme, the one in the image below photographed in the MGM Grand is the most modern and most popular.

Wheel of Fortune Vegas

Below is another variety of the same machine which doesn’t use a big electronic screen for its feature bonuses. This one is a bit traditional and mechanical. You get small payouts for linking groups of oranges, cherries, plums, bananas, gems cars and boats. Getting a bunch of wilds can turn these smaller payouts into very decent payouts.


The main aim of is of course getting the bonus feature, with 3 or more bonuses appearing on reels. Each bonus you get gives you a pick from a wheel. If you are lucky to get 4 bonuses you get 4 picks of the wheels. The small wheel gives you a small amount, the big wheel gives larger amounts and you get a multiplier wheel. The bonuses tend to come along quite frequently and gives the user plenty of excitement during the bonus round and it generally attracts a few spectators too.

Here is yet another version of the Wheel of Fortune.
Wheel of Fortune Slot