Family Guy

The Family Guy Slot is another hot new release for 2013. It is popular and very entertaining with seemingly endless variations of random bonuses and a large variety of World Bonus features. Here is a photo of the full Family Guy slot taken in The Cosmopolitan casino.
Family Guy Slot
You need 3 World Bonus symbols to trigger the World Bonus feature, it is astonishing how many times you only get 2, but being patient enough to get all 3 is worthwhile.
Here is a photo of the main Family Guy slot screen after we triggered the World Bonus, you have to spin the World with Stewie to pick which continental bonus you play.
Stewie World Bonus
We landed on North America where we had 3 rounds of a Peter Griffin v Chicken fight. It is quite amusing to say the least, here is the photo we took of the result, not a big win but funny all the same.
Griffin v Chicken
We had other World Bonuses that are equally amusing and the Family Guy slot is totally geared to amusement rather than paying out big sums. There are plenty of random events occurring even if you get nothing on the reels, with joke excerpts from the TV show that hand you a giggle and a couple of dollars. In New York New York, Peter Griffin randomly walked across our screen for no reason and farted out a green cloud which turned into a couple of dollars.
Other Family Bonuses include watching Peter romancing Lois in Lois’ Hot Free spins. Drinking in Quahog’s bar in The Drunken Clam Bonus. Brians Big Dig Bonus. Searching for the Evil Monkey in The Chris Closet Bonus. The top bonus to get is the World Domination Progressives with Stewie shooting at the rest of the family.

Family Guy isn’t yet available with online gaming as yet, but i am sure it is inevitable as the slot is a stroke of genius.

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