Gems Gems Gems

The Gems Gems Gems slot consists of 1 main screen of 3 x 5 reels. The wild is a Gems Gems Gems textual symbol and is sometimes stacked to fill a full column. When you get a stacked wild on the main screen it is copied or nudged to the 3 remaining screens of 3 x 5 reels. The free spins feature is triggered by diamonds, any 3 on any screen of reels will start the bonus. To increase you chances of getting 3 diamonds any diamond in the 1st screen will be nudged and copied to the remaining 3 screens.
Gems Gems Gems Slot
This is an aggressive slot, it astounding how often you get very little payout during normal play, with even the stacked wilds seemingly just missing from linking up with any valuable lines of gems. The slot is usually 40c although some casinos like to throw in a few 80c minimum bet machines. I did however get some success on minimum bet in the MGM Grand casino with a diamonds free spin feature then followed up by 2 more spins that delivered stacks of wilds all over the place. So Gems Gems Gems is a very unpredictable slot, seemingly going from 1 extreme to another. Gems Gems Gems has a cousin slot called Silver Sword which is identical in playing style but has a more mythical theme.