Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz theme is used on many slots and to be honest the older variations have been too aggressive on my ticket to bother with on most occasions. There are 2 new variations of the Wizard of Oz slot that are worth mentioning though, both consisting of 2 long joined screens, normally joined together in banks of 4. One is called Emerald City and the other Haunted Forest and both are very popular in Vegas at the time of writing.

Emerald City is a quite a simple design with a 3 x 5 reel screen and like many slots these days is all about the feature. Getting any 3 Green Wizard of Oz symbols triggers the bonus with a spinning wheel in the top screen.
Wizard of Oz Emerald City Slot
When we played it we got the Glinda the Good Witch bonus, which is 5 free spins, but Glinda drops wilds into the reels after each spin and it paid out very nicely indeed. There are 4 other Jackpots that can be won. Scarecrow Jackpot which is 1000 credit x bet multiplier. Tin Man Jackpot 2000 credit x bet multiplier. Cowardly Lion Jackpot 3000 credit x bet multiplier and Dorothy Jackpot 5000 credit x bet multiplier.

The Haunted Forest slot is very similar with a 3 x 5 reel screen closest to you and the bonus feature is triggered by getting 3 wicked witch symbols.
Haunted Forest Wizard of Oz Slot
The Jackpots are identical to Emerald City with Dorothy being the top payout and instead of Glinda free spins we have Winged Monkey with wilds hanging on branches of a tree and the reels move up to take the wilds after each free spin.

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