Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online Slot
You can Play Monopoly online with up to 9 winning lines on Sky Vegas. The Monopoly online slot game features the Pass ‘Go’ bonus round which starts the dice rolling on the Monopoly Bonus board and the Community Chest Instant Bonus.

Play Monopoly online and hit the Instant Bonus symbol anywhere in the last 3 reels and you will earn a Community Chest Instant Bonus multiplier. If you should get 3 Bonus Dice symbols on a winning line you can pick 1 of the 3 dice to see how many rolls you will get on the Monopoly Bonus board.

Monopoly Online Slot

Play Monopoly Pass GO Bonus Slot Here

Each roll takes you round the Monopoly online board, with each title property earning the points that will determine your final stake multiplier that round. Property awards grow each time you pass ‘Go’, while landing on ‘Go’ doubles your stake multiplier.

If you land on Free Parking you get another points bonus, and you can advance with Chance to a random new place on the board.
Even if you Land in Jail you can still earn with the Jail Bonus, if you hit a double within 3 rolls of the dice. Stakes are from 2p to £50 on each line.

Monopoly Plus
With Monopoly Plus you play upto 30 lines on 5 x 3 reels. Let Mr Monopoly increase your play experience with a feature called Level Up Plus. When you Level up it unlocks exciting new Board Bonus features that permanently increase your payouts. With the Mystery Wild Bonus, Mr Monopoly randomly awards you with a stacked wild reel. Sometimes you can earn two wild stacked reels or more in the same bonus. Mr Monopoly can even turn all 5 of your reels wild for an amazingly massive payout.
Monopoly Plus Slot
With the Monopoly Board Bonus, you can relive the childhood fun of the Monopoly board game. Get 2 to 4 rolls, then move around the board to experience more bonuses, collecting money and extra rolls. Land on a property to bring up a mini-slot machine for a chance to win up to 9,000 times your line bet.

When you collect enough Monopoly money in the Board Bonus, you can unlock 4 new Board Bonus features and 12 new player movers. The Express Train replaces the 1st train spot and sends you to the wealthier side of the board. If you land on the Hot Property you can double your mini-slot winnings by 18,000 times your line bet. Super Tax Relief replaces the non-paying Super Tax spot and lets you spin the golden slot machine to win up to 16,000 times your line bet. Land on the Super Hot Property to treble your mini-slot winnings and earn up to 27,000 times your line bet.

Play Monopoly Pass GO Bonus Slot Here

Monopoly Dream Life
You can play the 20 line Monopoly Dream Life Slot. Mr Monopoly shows you how to live the Dream Life with a new Monopoly slot game that offers the allure of the Free Fall Symbols feature and the Stacked Wilds feature. On the Monopoly Dream Life slot you get more ways to win and chances for consecutive wins on every spin.
Monopoly Dream Life
You need to collect property cards to increase your free spins in the Dream Life Bonus. The Free Spins Bonus has the same Free Fall Symbols and Stacked Wilds features as the normal play game, but is more generous with bigger payouts. There are more stacks of Wild symbols and more Free Fall Symbols.

Monopoly Here and Now
Monopoly Here and Now is a 20 line slot in a standard 5 x 3 play format. You need to score property deeds to earn apartments and hotels. The theme includes modern day properties like Kensington Palace Gardens, Saville Row and Hammersmith.
Monopoly Here and Now Slot
With the Monopoly Here and Now slot theme being modern day, you can pick from a range of modern game pieces including a roller blade, a cheeseburger or even a mobile phone. Travel around the Board Bonus. To win one of the bonus jackpots you need to land on Free Parking.

Monopoly on a Roll
Monopoly On a Roll isn’t actually a slot game it is a dice game but i thought it worth mentioning. Monopoly On a Roll offers all the fun of the Monopoly board game with multiple chances to win. Place your bets on your favorite properties and roll the dice. To win you need to land on a property you have bet on.
Monopoly on a Roll Dice Game
Monopoly On a Roll is full of bonus features. If you roll a double then you can throw the dice again, and you can accumulate payouts as you travel around the board. Roll a double 3 times on the trot, you will get the Get Out Of Jail Bonus where you can win up to 5 times of all of your bets on the board. If you land on ‘Free Parking’ you could win up to 3 times all of your bets on the board. Land on GO and you will instantly win 3 times all of your bets. If you Pass GO then all property values double. If you land on Chance then you are randomly sent to another place on the board.

Play Monopoly Pass GO Bonus Slot Here

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