Wonderland Slot Online

The Wonderland slot is a quadruple progressive jackpot game with 100 lines. You can bet 1p – £4 per line.

Wonderland Slot

Wonderland has 4 different bonuses to experience.

Croquet Bonus Game
Alice and the Queen of Hearts compete in a croquet game. Pick who you want to play with and guess the right hoops to win prizes to beat your opponent. Look out for the special bonus round if you win the Croquet game.

Mad Tea Party Bonus Game
Welcome to the Hatter’s Mad Tea Party! Click on the teapots to reveal prizes, but watch out out for the little Dormouse.

Painting the Roses Bonus Game
The gardener cards are trying to paint the roses red before the Queen notices their errors. Click on each white rose to paint it red and win prizes, but keep an eye out for the Mad Queen.

The Queen’s Court Bonus Game
The Soldier Cards are attempting to shuffle, but are not making a very good job of it. Pick the next card and if it is higher you can win a cash prize – Aces are highest. But be careful – the Queen is hiding in the pack.

Win the Progressive Jackpot.

It is possible to win the Wonderland Progressive from any of the 4 Bonus games:

Paint all of the roses red prior to the Queen arriving
Pick the Joker Card in The Queen’s Court
Find 5 croquet hedgehogs with gold stars
In the Mad Hatters Tea Party by choosing a cake with the progressive coin in it.