More Hearts

More Hearts is quite an aggressive slot, you can really spin over and over very quickly and not really get very much back. This photo was taken in Caesars Place. The More Hearts slot is all about the More Hearts bonus feature. It encourages you spin over and over in order to chase the feature. It can be dangerous and take you for a ride by not giving you the feature. Conversely you can get the feature 1st spin, so timing is everything.
More Hearts Slot
During normal play if you get 3 symbols with text saying More Hearts then the bonus feature is triggered with a female voice saying More Hearts. From memory it goes something like this. Initially 2 small slot screens appear with free spins, you collect payouts from matching symbols within these slot screens as you would in normal play. The main object is to find 9 red heart symbols to open up a 3rd slot screen. If you exceed 14 red hearts then a 4th slot screen appears and you have 4 slots running the free spins feature. If you are lucky you can acquire yet more free spins within the free spins feature by getting 3 More Hearts symbols on any slot screen. Ideally you would want extra free spins as normally you don’t get many chances if any at 4 slot screens. With 4 slot screens running on a good number of free spins, very large payouts are likely. This bonus feature makes up for the aggressive nature of the slot during normal play. More Hearts slots are normally situated next to its more masculine cousin the More Chilli Slot

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