Bar X 5

Bar x 5 Nudge

Similar to the paper and pen game Noughts and Crosses, Bar X 5 is very easy to understand and simpler than other online slots.

Select how much you wish to stake using the right and left arrows. The three reels spin as they would in other slot games, all you have to do is match 3 symbols on the middle line to win.

Minimum stake is 25p which is more than other online slots however, the maximum is lower at £20 per spin. Unlike other slots Bar X 5 does not have bonus rounds or progressive jackpots, Bar X 5 just has a main game functions.

The only symbols on this slot are ‘X’, an ‘O’ and a ‘BAR’. Spinning three X’s and three Bar’s on the win line are the only two winning combinations.

If you receive a losing spin whilst playing the game you could be given either Auto Holds or 3 Auto Nudges. Both are automatically played, Auto Holds will hold one or two reels while Auto Nudge nudges the reels attempting to get the best win available.

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