Nuts & Bolts

Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts are two very whacky robots that will open the door to frolics amongst a factory of fun. Nuts has the energy of a cyclone and will do whatever it takes to see you win. Bolts is a spinning machine that truly wants you to trigger the Winning Streak Bonus Game.

Along with Sparky the dog they are desperate for you to join in the fun, unlock the bonus and potentially become £30,000 richer.

The Nuts and Bolts online slot is fixed at 25 paylines and with stakes as low as 1p per payline increasing to £4, you will always be in complete control.

Nuts and Bolts Bonus

By spinning 3 winning symbols Bolts will hopefully start a chain reaction of spins between 1 and 7 while Nuts drops in when your winning streak increases. This bonus round is automatic so you don’t have to do a thing apart from watch your winnings come flooding in.

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