Alice in Wonderland

The casino versions of Alice in Wonderland are very different from the online versions, but are equally thrilling. In Las Vegas and indeed many casinos around the world there are 2 main varieties. The Enchanted Mirror and The Mad Tea Party both of which we have a number of decent wins.

Below is a photo of the screen we took in MGM of The Mad Tea Party after a $117 win from a 50c a spin attempt.
Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party
We had a similar win on the machine next to it in the MGM Grand a year before, so it does appear you can get good sized wins with enough attempts. This win wasn’t even achieved with the standard 3 Bonuses feature that most people tend to chase. Instead the 1st column filled with 3 Alice’s after about half a dozens 50c spins. When you get the 1st column like this it kicks in the Super Mad Re-spin feature. The 1st column is locked and you are requested to pick a teapot from the screen. The teapots reveal one of Alice+Respin, Alice+End and Respin. Ideally you want to keep picking Alice+Respin on each teapot choice and this enables to fill the screen with Alice and then you get a nice win. The max you can get is $150 on a 50c spin, although you could play 150c a spin to win $450 on a perfect Mad teapot feature.

This is the Enchanted Mirror win we had in MGM Grand.
Alice in Wonderland Enchanted Mirror
Our recollection of how we got this $104 win is somewhat jaded, but it is likely to have been similar. With Enchanted mirror you are invited to Pick a Card and we think we got a situation where we got Pick a Card+Wild on several occasions on the trot to finish up with a nice win.

We have witnessed other people getting good wins on this bank of 4 Alice machines on the south wall of the MGM Grand, however we haven’t had a big win or witnessed other big wins on Alice machines elsewhere in Vegas or other casinos in the world. Alice in Wonderland is an aggressive slot which means you can spin and spin many times and get nothing or next to nothing which can be disheartening. On the flip side you can achieve big wins in contrast to the dull losses and so it remains a great slot machine to play.